Golf Instruction

High Heat 
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a driver that allowed your ball to go straight even when you hit the ball near the heel, hosel, sole or toe? Well now you can! The High Heat driver, designed by Dean Knuth, allows golfers of all handicap to improve their golf game by giving you the opportunity to see exactly where impact occured through the patented mirror face. Click to find out more! 

Legacy Golf Tips
The Arizona Golf Association is proud to introduce a new segment on our website, “Legacy Golf Tips.” Each month there will be a new golf tip brought to you by our new sponsor, Legacy Golf Academy located at the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix. WATCH TUTORIALS 

The foundation of Tathata training is built upon a true path of learning that offers everyone who comes, a place to train his or her own mind, body, and swing. The practices and principles of Tathata Golf bring together this training in a simple but revolutionary new way.WATCH TUTORIALS 

Scramble Coach
As the 2014 SWPGA Teacher of the Year, Craig Hocknull created the Scramble Coach. As a coach and a mentor he has been able to simplify the entire game down to what is truly important and how any golfer can feel comfortable and confident when playing in a golf scramble. The purpose of the Scramble Coach is to give you an educational video on dress, format, termonology, and more. The goal is to make you seem like you have been golf ing in scrambles for years. LEARN THE 101 ON A SCRAMBLE 

Enjoy the good, bad and ugly golf ruling stories by our AGA volunteers. Learn how to become a volunteer or learn the basic rules of golf. Our rules professionals will have you on the course making decisions that no one else in your group will be able to answer. BECOME A RULES MASTER