I Want to Participate in the Marathon

We’re so excited that you are interested in helping with the AGF/Friends of Freedom Marathon!

What is the AGF/Friends of Freedom Marathon?
It is an incredibly fun fundraising campaign, which will raise some serious bucks for AGA Friends of Freedom. It is a way for participants, both duffer and low handicapper alike, to rally support while doing something they will really enjoy – playing golf. When compared to a traditional golf tournament, golf marathons are more fun and substantially more profitable.
Here’s the Fun Part!
Yes, you will play 100 holes. No, we’re not kidding. One hundred holes are very doable. Many participants in past marathons have been able to play more than 100 holes. In fact, the record for a golf marathon is an amazing 409 holes in one day! Several changes in the format of the game are made to speed up the play…

All participants are in golf carts and play at their own speed.
Golfers will hit multiple balls, and each ball counts as one hole played.
No looking for lost balls, OB’s etc. Merely drop another ball and keep hitting.
Whenever your score on a hole reaches triple bogey, pick up, score the hole as completed, and move on to the next hole.
You may play any hole, or series of holes, in any order as many times as you want. We are the ONLY players on the entire course – very fun!!
On the green, any putt inside the flag stick is a “gimme.”

What’s In It For Me?
Besides a lot of fun and the satisfaction of helping the AGA and Friends of Freedom in a big way, you will receive…

Breakfast, Lunch and continuous refreshments
Plenty of golf balls to smack away.
The opportunity to earn some great prizes, depending on the amount of pledges that you have raised.

OK, What’s the Catch?

Well, there really isn’t any catch. Each participant in the Golf Marathon will be required to do three things.

Give A Day & Play golf at the golf course. Shotgun start right after breakfast.
Sponsor yourself for at least $1 per hole.
Solicit sponsorships from business associates, friends and family with a goal of raising an additional $24 per hole…that amounts to $2,500 each golfer can raise for this most worthwhile cause. So, you can see with a field of 48 participants, each raising $2,500, we could $120,000. WOW!

OK, “Gimme” the Details

The AGA/Friends of Freedom Golf Marathon will be played on April 19, 2016 at Moon Valley CC, with the location details to follow in upcoming newsletters. The Marathon will give you a very rare opportunity to play on a golf course, almost by yourself, and complete the equivalent of a year’s worth of golf in one day! Our day’s agenda will be something like this…

April 19th At Palo Verde Golf Course 
Breakfast at sun up
Shot gun start.
Flail away for at least 100 holes.
Marathon stops when 100 holes are completed or the golf course staff runs us off.
Go home, soak your muscles, rub on some Ben Gay or reach for the Aleve!
Smile a lot – you’ve done a great thing today!

How Do I Sign Up?

This is the easy part. You can…

give us a call at 602-944-3035 or 800-458-8484 and talk to Ed Gowan or Lorraine Thies or 
fill out your information on the attached Marathon Brochure and fax to the AGA at 602-944-3228
Email Ed or Lorraine to let us know you are interested in participating in this great cause.