Time for Nine

In 2013 the USGA launched a campaign to encourage golfers to play nine holes. Several other organizations have jumped on the band wagon to promote playing less than 18 holes including Golf Digest.
A few quotes from the USGA and Golf Digest….
“Five-hour rounds of golf are incompatible with the compressed time that many of us have for recreational activities,” said former USGA president Glen Nager. ” ‘Time for Nine’ is a fun and creative start to promoting the nine-hole round of golf as a complete and enjoyable experience that is consistent with the traditions of playing the game.” Nine-hole rounds are compatible with the Rules of Golf and the USGA handicap system.
“Every other recreation, it seems, takes two hours: movies, dinner, cocktail parties, tennis, bowling, going to the gym,” Tarde writes in Golf Digest. “If golf were invented today, it would be a nine-hole game. By no means are we questioning 18 holes, but our culture dictates shorter blocks of free time. I’d rather squeeze in nine holes than none.”
Nine holes are the way many of us got into the game; there is no reason they can’t keep us in it—or bring us back.
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