Michael Shoaff AGA Volunteer of the Year


Michael Shoaff

Each year the staff of the AGA honors an individual (other than an Executive Committee member) who most exemplifies volunteerism through his or her commitment of time and effort to the association. In 2010 this award was named after Robert Graves, a long-time AGA volunteer who exemplifies the selfless contributions of time and dedication to serving golf in Arizona.In 2014, we honor Michael Shoaff. Golf has been part of Michael’s life since he was introduced to the game in his late teens by his brother. His interest slowly grew from there and throughout the next few decades Michael was able to integrate play into his busy schedule, typically a few times each month. After Michael retired in 2004, golf became more of a daily focus and has been for the past 10 years, barring a couple of down periods to recover from multiple knee replacement and major back surgeries. In 2007 a discussion with close friend, Russ Peterson, regarding the USGA Course Rating System sparked an interest as an alternative way to stay in touch with the game while also volunteering his time to a local Golf Association in need of volunteers.After some-one-on one rating education with Russ, Michael contacted the AGA. In the subsequent eight years Michael’s level of involvement has steadily grown to currently having rated over 225 Arizona courses and one International facility in Mexico. He has also represented the AGA on three top-ranking USGA National Course Rating Calibration Teams and for the past four years served on the AGA Course Rating Committee. Among the most rewarding aspects of Michael’s involvement with the AGA is the broad spectrum of people he has met, most of whom share a common love for the game of golf while looking to give back to insure its health moving forward. The only downside to being a rater is the unfortunate bad weather you sometimes experience when rating in Northern Arizona, even to the extent of encountering snow flurries on one memorable shoulder season trip to Flagstaff. Fortunately, these rare ocurrances ultimately lead to a good story to share with new team members and have helped build camaraderie and friendships that will last well beyond the golf course.


John Gusky

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers established the first Rules of Golf in 1744. These thirteen rules have formed the basis for the Game. Until 1891, when the R&A became the source for the Rules of Golf, each club appointed an honorary Captain to administer the rules, oversee the club’s competitions, and settle all game disputes.In honor of this Tradition, and thanks to the ingenuity and generosity of AGA member Charlie Horn, the AGA recognizes John Gusky of Pueblo del Sol GC in Sierra Vista for his many years of service to the Association and its Championships, for his passion and dedication to the principles of the Rules of Golf, and most particularly for his avowed love of The Game.


Dr. Paul Rowe

The Champion of Golf Award honors an individual that has been working/volunteering in golf for many years, has shown dedication to the betterment of golf and love of the game.Dr. Paul Rowe is well-deserving to be named a Champion of Golf. He has been a 30+ year USGA Green Section Committee member and long-time volunteer Green Chairman for Arizona CC. Paul cares about the game, he cares about grass, he cares about golf course superintendents and does what he can to share information and make the game better both now and for future generations.