2018 Team Events

April 16-21, 2018Lima Golf Club Lima, Peru
Two players will represent the Arizona Golf Association with 23 other countries/associations. The 72-hole competition is a team event counting all four rounds for each player, the total being the Team score. Bonus Players Cup Points are available. The AGA is one of four to six North American teams invited. The cost per player is determined annually. For 2018 the players’ contribution is the airfare.  AGA covers the $650 entry fee, uniforms, room, local transfers, meals and caddie fees. If a player desires to take a guest, the room cost will be that of a single room for all six nights, determined at the time of the request when a deposit must be made. Hotel Information: Team members are determined by invitation of the Trustees. Contact the AGA for consideration.
July 24-27, 2018The Olympic ClubSan Francisco, CA
The AGA will host three players, one from a 36-hole qualifier and two players selected by the Pacific Coast Trustees from Arizona Association members as of June 1, 2018. The Pacific Coast Amateur Committee has directed that each Association field a team of their best players using the WAGR and/or Scratch Players list. The selected players will receive uniforms and the entry fee paid by the Committee.  In addition, each player will receive a travel stipend determined by the Trustees. 
Date: October 7-9, 2018  Flagstaff Ranch Golf ClubFlagstaff, AZ
The Arizona team is comprised of eight at-large, two seniors (50 yrs +) & two women. The following selection criteria will be used: Automatic Selection – The top eight TPA members based on Open Points and top two on Senior Points. Any remaining places will be filled from the respective Players Points List by staff. The women will be selected by AGA staff based on criteria including past performance in individual competitions. 
December 2-7, 2018Reflection Bay Golf ClubLas Vegas, Nevada
Arizona Teams are comprised of four players. A minimum of two must be 50 years of age or older. Players are selected by the SW Team Committee Chairman (or his designee) by invitation. Interested players may contact the AGA Staff for more information. A player stipend is contributed by AGA for its team(s), though other players may arrange additional teams at their own expense.
September 17, 2018Phoenix Country Club
Two Teams of twelve players each, Open and Senior, will be filled according to the following criteria:
Eligibility: TPA membership and placement on the respective Points Lists as of August 24, 2018. In advance of the deadline for qualification, top players in the Points lists will be solicited for interest in competing on the Teams as of August 1st.
Open Team Automatic Selection – the top-10 TPA players based on point total from the combined Open and Masters Players Cup Points Lists will receive automatic team births.
Senior Team Automatic Selection – the Senior Team is the top two TPA players on the Senior Points List, top two TPA players on the Super Senior Points List and the remaining 8 spots are filled based on overall point total of the combined Senior and Super Senior Players Cup Points Lists.
If any player in this category cannot play or declines the invitation to play, that position will be returned to the Tournament Committee for selection based on the Players Points list and performance in multiple events. The Tournament Committee will complete the teams at its discretion from the AGA membership.
Team Captains: The Player with the highest total on the respective combined Players Cup Points List will be the captain for that team. Captains Selections: Each captain shall have one selection to the team from AGA members without restriction.
Team uniforms and expenses are included in the invitation. A dinner honoring Bob Goldwater is considered a mandatory part of the event.