2018 Tournaments

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AGA TOUR EVENTSFor those that love to compete

AGA Tour Events consist of our major championships and non-major two-day competitions. Majors are played at scratch; non-majors are flighted based on handicap.
Our “divisional” tour events are divided into age divisions: Open (played at 6700 yards or longer), Masters (ages 40-49 and played at 6400 – 7000 yards), Senior (ages 50-59 and played at 6300 – 6800 yards), Super Senior(ages 60-69 and played at 6300-6800 yards) and Legends (age 70 and older and played at 6000-6400 yards).

USGA QUALIFYINGFor those that aspire to play in USGA Championships

The AGA conducts USGA qualifying rounds throughout the year: the US Open, US Senior Open, US Amateur, US Senior Amateur, US Mid-Amateur and US Four-Ball championships.
Entries to US qualifiers are handled through the United States Golf Association.
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SENIOR CUP SERIESFor those 50 and older that enjoy playing team competition (Four-Ball format)

This series of one-day four-ball events (better ball of partners) are for members 50 and older with a handicap index of 36.4 and under.
Events take place between April and September – teams accumulate points for their net finish in each event. The points accumulate individually so you don’t have to play with the same partner for the entire series. Top point winners are invited to a season-ending championship.

CLUB TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPFor those that like to play with fellow club members – Scramble format

This is a very popular team challenge among AGA member clubs.
The format is a two-person scramble and is flighted based on team handicap. Clubs can choose their teams in any manner they choose. A series of qualfiers take place throughout the state in October and November. The final 52 teams duke it out at the beginning of December, usually at a very nice private club.

MEMBER DAYSFor those that just want to play non-competitive golf with friends

Member days are an opportunity for our members to play golf at a facility that is interested in hosting us for the day. They may be a private clubs where members don’t normally have access to, or they may be at a public facility that wants to support our membership.
There is no organized competition – just an opportunity to come out and play with friends and enjoy a day of golf.
Two times a year (March and October) we host a member weekend at Mayan Palace, 20 miles south of Rocky Point, Mexico home of Vidanta Golf Course, a fabulous Jack Nicklaus design.


There are several competitive tournaments held throughout the state that are available to AGA members. Those that are considered Sanctioned are ones that have strong participation by our tournament players.  The AGA has no role in Sanctioned Events other than to allocate points to participating AGA members.Organizations hosting events may become Sanctioned by submitting an application to the AGA


As a courtesy to our members, we post other regional or national championships or events that may be of interest. We provide contact information for those interested in getting more information about the tournament.
The 100th Southwestern Amateur will be hosted at Desert Mountain-Geronimo and Cochise Courses June 8-13. More information and entry


Golf facilities host over 1,000 charity events throughout the year. We provide an opportunity to charity organizers to highlight and promote their charities and their charitable golf tournaments. Any charity interested in listing their event on our website should contact the AGA office.


Past AGA Champions

This was WAYYY too big!!!


Player Eligibility and Entry Guidelines

Eligible Players

Members of Arizona Golf Association and Southern Nevada Golf Association clubs with USGA Handicap Indexes
AGA Individual members (at scratch) 
Members of the Junior Golf Association, The First Tee, or by invitation by the AGA Director of Rules and Competitions. 
Members of Arizona Collegiate Teams while enrolled at the host institution. 
Otherwise as may be specified for an individual event (AGA Championship, AGA Father-Son, AGA Parent-Child, Member-Guest events)

Ineligible Players
Any Player who is serving a suspension under the AGA policies will not be eligible to participate in any Official Tournament.
USGA Handicap Index
The current USGA Handicap Index, as of the last available revision prior to the event, will be used to determine the contestant’s handicap for events. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, the lowest handicap of the past 12 months may be used if there have been significant changes in the time running up to an event. Players who have not posted enough scores (at least five) to establish a USGA Handicap Index will play to a Course Handicap of zero
Handicap Adjustments
When handicaps are being used for events, there will always be the chance for exceptional performances by certain members that can affect the integrity of the competition. An occasional exceptional round is not out of the ordinary; however, a series of exceptional rounds defies the odds of handicapping statistics.
The AGA reserves the right to adjust a contestant’s handicap prior to, during, or after the event at its sole discretion. Should a contestant return a score that falls outside the USGA’s estimate of ‘less than 250-1 odds’, that contestant may be assigned a revised handicap in multiple-day events; in single-day events, such will be grounds for modification, and/or re-flighting, or in extreme cases disqualification at the sole discretion of the Committee. Any score ‘less than 1,500-1 odds’ is grounds for disqualification and suspension from future events.
If there are specific handicap requirement for entry into an AGA event, they will be posted on the event page on the website at
Posting Tournament Scores to GHIN
The AGA posts scores for all AGA Members for individual stroke play events, including USGA Qualifying Rounds. At all team events the AGA posts the rating information and requests that all contestants post their own scores as T-Scores. If during random checking it is determined that AGA Members are not posting their T-scores from team events as requested, penalty scores may be posted and a suspension from playing events may be imposed by the AGA.

The top 64 players and ties in the stroke play portion of the AZ Amateur and top 60 & ties in the AZ Stroke Play are exempt the following year into the respective Championships. If a player does not use that exemption, it carries forward for the next 3 years. It is the responsibility of the player to demonstrate eligibility for the extended exemption. In order to be eligible for an extended exemption, a player must provide notice in advance of the Entry Deadline.
Exemptions for other AGA Tour events – Any such exemptions will be at the discretion of the AGA Director of Rules and Competitions upon receipt of a request in writing detailing the reason(s) for the request. Exemptions will be granted only in special circumstances to individuals of great merit. 
Additional exemption provisions for specific events will be posted on the AGA website at

Special Exemptions for Open Majors

The AGA Tournament Committee may grant up to six (6) exemptions. To be eligible for an exemption, a player must submit an Exemption Request form (available on specific Tournament Information website) thirty days prior to the entry deadline and have a legitimate conflict that prevents a player from participating in a qualifier. To be eligible, a player must a) have made the cut in their last participation in the event or b) have a proven skill level that would indicate a strong likelihood of making the cut, and c) have not already played in one of the qualifying rounds. The Tournament Committee will review applications received, and in their sole determination, issue up to six (6) exemptions. 
Two (2) places are reserved at the sole discretion of the AGA Director of Rules and Competitions for players identified prior to the publication of pairings for an event who by their proven playing ability or community visibility would likely compete for the championship and/or add to the quality of the event.
See entry provisions for Championship-specific additional exemptions given. 

Host Site Invitations
Major Championships – Four (4) places reserved.
Non-Major Tour Events – Two (2) places reserved at discretion of the Director of Rules and Competitions. Host site invitations shall be only be available to members/affiliates of the site who meet any handicap or other event requirements. Standard TPA entry fees must be paid in advance of the issuance of pairings to secure a place.
For all AGA Events, a Host Site must notify the AGA of its invitations prior to the entry deadline.
Entering a Tournament 
Players wishing to enter an AGA Tour Tournament must either enter on-line by midnight on the AGA website or deliver an entry form with payment to the AGA office prior to 4:30pm on the deadline date specified. 
Divisonal Events 
The total field size will be published. A maximum of three positions will be held open in each Division until the entry deadline. Then the order of the waitlist will complete the final field.
Withdrawing from a Tournament Prior to the Deadline
Members may withdraw from Tournaments by

Going to the AGA website at;
Calling the AGA office during normal business hours; or, 
Calling the Withdrawal Line 602-944-3035 (ext. 210). Voicemail messages left after 4:30pm will be considered official as of 7:30am of the next business day for the sake of refund considerations, if any.

Withdrawing from a Tournament After the Entry Deadline

Withdrawals made after the entry deadline will be considered late withdrawals. 
Fees will be returned for a late withdrawal only if the player’s position in the field is filled by an alternate. In any case, an administrative fee of $30 will be deducted from the refund, regardless of the reason for the withdrawal. Once a player’s starting time has passed prior to the withdrawal, no refund of fees will be made. 
A player may withdraw after the beginning play by speaking directly with an AzRC Rules Official or AGA staff member. 
While off-site (not present at tournament site), a player may late withdraw from the current tournament by speaking directly with an AGA staff member or by calling the AGA Withdrawal Line at 602-944-3035 (Ext 210). 
Repeated late withdrawals will subject a player to disciplinary action under the AGA Code of Conduct policy

Prior to the entry deadline, those wishing to enter after the field is filled will be placed on a Wait List. Players who have withdrawn from a tournament will be replaced in the tournament field by the next available player on the tournament’s Wait List. The AGA will attempt to contact alternates for the field each week, but it remains the alternate’s responsibility to be available or check with the AGA in order to remain in consideration. If an attempt to contact an alternate is unsuccessful, AGA at its sole discretion may move to the next player on the Wait List.
It is the Players’ responsibility to be aware of their priority and alternate list status. Players with questions about their status should contact AGA Tournament staff. There is no penalty for removing a name from the Wait List at any time, provided the player has not already gained access into the tournament field.
In some cases, there may be playing opportunities created by players who no-show the day of the tournament. The AGA will attempt to fill open places in an event up to the available starting time. Alternates at a site must check in with the AGA staff on arrival, and will be placed into the field as a place becomes available. If multiple alternates are present, the order of the Wait List governs.
Order of Alternates
The Alternate List(s) are determined by the following:

Major Championships: a) Exempt player withdrawals will be first replaced by exempt players on the Wait List as available; if none, the general Wait List will determine access; b) Non-exempt player withdrawals will be replaced by the first available player on the Wait List. 
Tour Open events: Prior to the entry deadline, vacancies will be filled first by TPA members; after deadline, the Wait List. 
Tour Divisional events: Each Division shall have a Wait List. Withdrawals from any Division shall first be replaced by alternates from that Division. 
Other: The order of the Wait List will govern access.


2015 Players Cup Standings

Open Division Points

Masters Division

Senior Division

Legends Division


2014 Scotland Registration

I would like to reserve my spot in the 2014 Scotland Tour. I am making my $500.00 depoit and understand that the balance of $3,750.00 is due by June 1, 2014. 
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I would like to sign up for the 2014 Scotland Tour by paying the entire trip fee at this time.

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I have already paid my $500.00 deposit. I would like to pay the balance of $3,750.00 at this time.
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