While We’re Young Campaign

During the 2013 US Open at Marion Golf Club, Glen Nager of the USGA announced the “While We’re Young” campaign in an effort to bring awareness to Pace of Play and to encourage golfers to play faster and enjoy the game more.
The new initiative includes an education program, a pledge for golfers, an online Resource Center, and a series of PSAs featuring Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and Annika Sorenstam.
The USGA has created a pledge for golfers to sign up and commit to do their part in improving pace of play.
Please join the USGA in our campaign to stamp out long playing times and end slow play. Sign our Pace of Play Pledge and help us make the game more fun and more enjoyable for everyone.
When you sign the pledge, you will be enrolled in a six-part educational program that will teach you the fundamental causes of slow play and suggest ways to improve your personal pace of play.
My Pace of Play Pledge

As one who loves golf, I understand my critical role in improving pace of play.
I will examine my own habits on the golf course to identify ways that I can pick up the pace.
I will Tee It Forward and play from the set of tees best suited to my driving distance, in an effort to speed up play and have more fun.
I will practice “ready golf” during stroke play; I will hit when I am ready to play, but only when it is safe to do so.
I will serve as an example for those around me and I will strive to inspire and guide my fellow golfers to improve their pace of play.
I understand that golf course design and setup can affect pace of play, and I promise to support those who manage the facilities where I play to find solutions for optimizing pace of play.
I will seek out a golf professional to help me improve my game and my pace of play.
I will embrace opportunities to play nine holes when my schedule doesn’t allow for an 18-hole round.
I will encourage others to take the Pace of Play Pledge, for the good of the game.
I will play more quickly, play better and have more fun!

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