Play it Forward Weekend

to make golf more fun
Playing faster, scoring better, hitting more lofted irons into greens, improving pace of play and having more fun on the golf course are at the heart of the TEE IT FORWARD Campaign jointly promoted by The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association.
“Golf is a game that should be fun to play, but many golfers make it far too hard by playing from distances that don’t match up to their abilities,” said Nicklaus. “I encourage everyone playing golf on June 22-23 to move up and give TEE IT FORWARD a try. They’ll find the game much more enjoyable…and maybe they’ll even make a few more pars and birdies along the way.”
During TEE IT FORWARD Weekend, many golf facilities will be hosting special events and actively asking golfers to play from shorter distances. However, even if their course is not hosting an event, golfers are still encouraged to simply move up and play from more forward tees than normal. TEE IT FORWARD is universal to golfers of all ages and abilities and can be practiced on any course at any time.
While TEE IT FORWARD Weekend will highlight the initiative on June 22-23, The PGA and the USGA would like to see golfers TEE IT FORWARD throughout the year. Golfers who gave this a try in 2012 reported positive results, with 56 percent playing faster and indicating they will play golf more often. More than 80 percent hit more lofted clubs into greens and 85 percent had more fun. And 93 percent said they planned to continue to TEE IT FORWARD.
The PGA and USGA are asking golfers to tweet about their TEE IT FORWARD experiences using the hashtag, #teeitforward.
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