DC Ranch member is latest ‘Mr. 59’

Kristopher Marshall is getting a lot of lofty praise from high people these days at the Country Club at DC Ranch in Scottsdale. That happens when you earn the nickname “Mr. 59.”
“Yes, unfortunately, that’s what they call me,” said Marshall, a 32-year-old stockbroker for Merrill Lynch in Scottsdale.
“I say ‘unfortunately’ because it doesn’t sound very modest. But when Mr. (Tom) Lehman calls you ‘Mr. 59,’ well, I’ll gladly accept it.”
Lehman, the Champions Tour Player of the Year in 2012, was acknowledging his fellow member’s recent 12-under-par 59 (30-29) that was recorded in late October. Marshall’s round of 10 birdies and one eagle without a bogey came just 10 days after one of his close friends, Allan MacDonald, had broken Lehman’s long-standing club record of 61 with a 60.
“I had planned to work that day, but when the markets closed because of Hurricane Sandy and a friend called and said a spot was open in his foursome, I got to the first tee in about 10 minutes,” said Marshall, a two-time All-American at the University of Kansas.
“That’s kind of how it went. I was mentally numb, and I knew I was deep (on the scorecard), but I didn’t know how deep. When I got to the last hole, where I hit my approach to 4 feet. I said to the guys, ‘Do I need this (for birdie)?’ And nobody was talking; it was like I was throwing a no-hitter or something. And then they all said, ‘Yeah, you need this.’
“To which “Mr. 59” responded with birdie No. 10.
“I’m good friends with (PGA Tour player) Aaron Baddeley, and he heard about it and called me to ask me if it was a ‘legitimate 59,’ “ Marshall added. “I said, ‘What do you mean legitimate?‘ And Aaron said, ‘Did you birdie the 18th?’
“When I told him I did, he said, ‘Then it’s 100 percent legit.’ “ But what was the coolest part of all, Marshall added, was “fulfilling a lifelong dream.”
“Forever, my user name or my password has been kmarshall59,” he said. “I’ve got four other club records, five holes in one and an albatross (double eagle), but a 59? If you’re a golfer, you’d trade ‘em all for a 59.”