ACCESS Global member testimonial

Read about one ACCESS Global member’s experience booking his trip to Tucson from British Columbia:
From registering as a member for $139, I received 5,000 travel credits to start with. First I looked at flights. I usually use Expedia to book flights so checked on schedules and costs there, and picked out flights I was interested in. I called the concierge number and ended up speaking with Brian. I told him the flights I was interested in and what the Expedia cost was. I also needed a hotel in Scottsdale for several nights and checked the Access Global site and found what looked like a good deal. Brian also asked about whether I needed a rental car and tee times, which I didn’t. As my flights were a little more complicated, Brian referred me to Karen who is a travel specialist.
Karen called me back in 15 minutes so I didn’t have to stay on the line with the info I needed. They were able to book the flights I wanted at about the same cost, and in booking this, I gained 2670 credits to add to my total. The hotel I was interested in was available for $73 a night (including all taxes and fees), so I booked 4 room nights. On the hotel website, their rate for the same period was $100 without taxes and on Expedia was $99. I saved $104 on the 4 nights and gained 1,450 credits.
I was going on to Tucson, staying at the Westin La Paloma, and had previously booked a room at the rate of $129 excluding taxes and resorts fees, but I called Karen back to look into this. Access Global had a rate of $142 including taxes and resort fees. When I looked into the extra costs I calculated a daily cost of $151 so I had savings of $36 on the nights I had there. I then thought I would ask about using some of my credits to lower the cost, just to see how it worked out. By using 2,500 credits, I was able to lower my cost further by $30 which isn’t much, but as they explained, the room price was already very low. I could have saved up to $150 at another hotel. I then gained back credits on the difference of 2,690 credits.
All in all, I saved about $150 on the trip, and gained a net of 4,310 credits which I can use on a future trip. I also earned 2% cash back on my credit card and gained airline miles too.
Jim L.ACCESS Global member