USGA Handicap System
The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. While the USGA developed the rules of the Handicap System and the formulas used in its calculation, it does not issue them directly to individual golfers. The USGA grants a license to utilize its system – either through an authorized golf association or an independent golf club. If a golf club or authorized golf association does not follow ALL of the procedures of the USGA Handicap System, it is not permitted to use ANY part of the System or to refer to any handicap that it issues or certifies as a “Handicap Index,” or as a handicap authorized by the USGA.
The Arizona Golf Association is authorized by the USGA to license its member clubs. In a joint agreement with the Arizona Women’s Golf Association (AWGA) we have created the Arizona Handicap Network (AZHN). The two associations are dedicated to providing our members with the best possible customer service and assistance when it comes to managing their clubs in compliance with the USGA System.
AZHN Services to Member Clubs

State of the art GHIN handicap calculation program that automatically updates Handicap Indexes at each revision period established by the AZHN 
A computer workstation at each of the member club golf facilities in the state in order to facilitate the posting of scores for all golfers 
A label printer so members can print a current handicap sticker at any location 
An on-line central database that allows all members to view scoring records and post scores at any member golf course 
Access to the International Golf Network (IGN), an organization that allows the transfer of scores among member golf associations throughout the country 
Ability to post scores online and perform peer review of other golfers either via the AGA’s website or the AWGA’s website 

AZHN Services to Club Administrators 

Easy to use administrative program that allows club administrators to add and edit member information which is accessible from any computer that has an Internet Connection 
A tournament program (Tournament Pairings Program or TPP) to assist clubs in the administration of regular play-days as well as Invitationals and Major Championships 
Workshops on the application of the USGA Handicap and Course Rating Systems 
Certification seminars which are required for a club to maintain its license 
A Handicap Chairmen’s Kit filled with useful information that can assist in the management of a club including sample policies and letters, posters etc 
Assistance in determining the hole by hole stroke allocations that should be used in club events 
Telephone assistance on any aspect of the system from general questions about the requirements of the USGA program to assistance with specific individual situations that occur in the club

USGA Handicap System Definitions

Additional Resources on Handicapping