AGA launches new, more user-friendly website

As you visit this month, you’ll notice a change. No more clouds, no more busy homepage, no more frustration with signing up online.
We took all the great content from our former website and organized it in a way that we hope you’ll find easier to use. We’ve also streamlined the online signup and renewal process to make it less cumbersome and to prevent the errors that members often experienced when paying online.
The new website, was launched with the AGA’s transition to GHIN this month.
Jennea Bono, the AGA’s web marketing and content manager, spearheaded the website redesign. “We’d had the old site since 2007,” said Bono. “When it debuted it was state-of-the-art, but technology has changed exponentially since then and our site just didn’t keep up. It got to the point where each time we’d add a new feature it would cause something else to break, which of course caused frustration on both our end and for our website users. With the switch from Golfnet to GHIN we were going to have to do some major programming to make our website GHIN compatible. This made it the optimal time to modernize our site.”
AGA handicap club members will be able to log in to the new website with the username and password they used on the old website. If you never set up an online account, click the “first time login” link to get started. ACCESS AZgolf members will not be able to log in when the site launches, unless they are also handicap club members.