Utah Regains Shootout Lead With 43 1/2 to 28 1/2 Win Over Arizona

The see-saw series was all square at ten wins apiece going into this 21st annual contest and Utah earned a runaway victory, 43 ½ to 28 ½, at Victory Ranch. It put Utah back in the lead for the first time since losing to Arizona at Soldier Hollow in 2005. During the first 14 years of the series Utah was either ahead or tied in the series.
It was also broke a home team losing skein in the series. For the previous six years the visiting team has been the winner.
Utah held a three point lead after the four-ball and foursome segments, but that lead was quickly squared when Arizona’s women defeated Utah’s women by three points in the first two individual matches.
However, Utah’s seniors each won their matches by a point and after that it was a runaway for Utah. The at large portion of the Utah lineup won four individual matches, tied one, and lost only one.
Utah won the Four-Ball segment 13-5, but lost the Foursomes, 11 ½ to 6 ½, and led after the first day, 19 ½ to 16 ½. Utah won the Individual segment, 24-12.
Former State Am champion Tommy Sharp swept his individual points with a 3-0 win over Grant Cesarek, and Mike Branca and Steve Poulson each won 2 points in their matches.
Points are given in a Nassau style, a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18 holes.
Arizonas women edged Utahs women by a point, but the Utah seniors and at large contingent won by wide margins.
Final Results
Individual Matches
Arizona – Lauren Todd (2.5 pts) def. Utah Julie McMullen (.5 pt) 5 and 3
Arizona Echo Thatcher (2 pts ) def. Utah Annette Gaiotti (1 pt) 1 up
Utah Allen Simkins (2 pts) def. Arizona Steven Welker (1 pt)
Utah Bill Probst (2 pts) def. Arizona David Rasley (1 pt)
Utah Steve Poulson (2.5 pts) def. Arizona Takuya Fuji (.5 pts)
Utah Greg Wojtkun (1.5 pts) halve Arizona Michael Wog (1.5 pts)
Utah Kirk Siddens (2.5 pts) def. Arizona Adam Walicki (.5 pts)
Utah Jared Overton (1.5 pts ) halve Arizona Tim Beth (1.5 pts)
Utah Christian Jensen (2.5 pts) def. Arizona Patrick Geare (.5 pt) 4 and 2 Utah Scott Clark (2.5 pts) def. Arizona Trey Martin (.5 pt) 1 up Utah Tommy Sharp (3 pts) def Arizona Grant Cesarek (0 pt) 6&5 Utah Mike Branca (2.5 pts) def. Arizona Camron Howell (.5 pts) 4&2

 Four-Ball Totals- Utah 13, Arizona 5

Foursome Totals- Arizona 11 , Utah 6

Individual Totals- Utah 24, Arizona 12

Team Totals- Utah 43 , Arizona 28 1/2