Utah claims Shootout to tie series at 10-10

Once again, the visiting team proved to be too much in the 20th Annual Arizona-Utah Shootout held at Southern Dunes Golf Club in Maricopa, AZ. Utah claimed the victory by a five-point margin with a total score of 38 ½ points to tie the series score at 10-10.
Temperatures exceeding 110 degrees seemed to have little effect on the visiting team as they claimed 5 of the last 6 matches to pull ahead. Decisive victories for the AGA by Barb Byrnes, Frank Ellenburg, and Kyle Kallan helped Arizona pull ahead by 2 points heading into the final matches, but subsequent wins for Utah by Darrin Overson, Jordan Rogers, and Josh White propelled the Utah team to victory.
The teams were all tied after the first day at 18 points each. Utah won the morning Four-Ball matches by a score of 10-8, while Arizona won the afternoon Foursomes 10-8 to square the score heading into the final round. Utah’s total of 20 ½ points in the Singles matches to Arizona’s 15 ½ points was the ultimate margin.
The event, in its 20th year, is one of the more prestigious team events on the Arizona Golf Association’s schedule. Featuring a nassau format, 3 points are available for each match, 1 point for the front 9 winner, 1 point for the back 9 winner, and 1 point for the overall winner.
The AGA would like to give a special thanks to Southern Dunes Golf Club as well as the Utah Golf Association.
Utah-Arizona Shootout   Second Day Results   Singles Barb Byrnes, A, def. Lachell Poffenberger, U, 3-0 Jenteal Jackson, U, def. Echo Thatcher, A, 3-0 Bill Probst, U, def. Steve Dallas, A, 2 ½-1/2 Frank Ellenberg, A, def. Mike Hacker, U, 3-0 Cameron Crawford, U, tied Gabby Bobroski, A, 1 ½- 1 ½ Kyle Kallan, A, def. Scott Clark, U, 3-0 Darrin Overson, U, def. Dean Hall, A, 2 ½- ½ Jordan Rogers, U, def. Cyrus Whitney, A, 3-0 Josh White, U, def. Pat Geare, A, 2 ½- ½ Jerry Huff, A, def. Stu Gold, U, 2-1 Jeff Jolley, U, def. Larry Montplaisir, A, 2 ½- ½ Kirk Siddens, U, def. Camron Howell, A, 2-1 Singles- Utah 20 ½, Arizona 15 ½     First Day Results   Four-Ball Pat Geare-Jerry Huff, A, def. Cameron Crawford-Jordan Rogers, U, 2 ½ – ½ Larry Montplaisir-Camron Howell, A, def. Darrin Overson-Scott Clark, U, 2-1 Dean Hall-Kyle Kallan, A, tied Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley, 1 ½- 1 ½ Josh White-Stu Gold, U, def. Gabby Broboski-Cyrus Whitney, A, 2 ½-1/2 Mike Hacker-Bill Probst, U, def. Steve Dallas-Frank Ellenburg, A, 2 ½-1/2 Jenteal Jackson-Lachell Poffenberger, U, def. Barb Byrnes-Echo Thatcher, A, 2-1 Four-Ball- Utah 10, Arizona 8   Foursomes Overson-Clark, U, def. Pat Geare-Jerry Huff, A, 3-0 Montplaisir-Howell, A, def. Crawford-Rogers, U, 2-1 Hall-Kallan, A, def. White-Gold, U, 3-0 Bobrosky-Whitney, A, def. Siddens-Jolley, U, 3-0 Hacker-Probst, U, tied Dallas-Ellenberg, A, 1 ½-1 1/2 Jackson-Poffenberger, U, def. Byrnes-Thatcher, A, 2 ½-1/2 Foursomes- Arizona 10, Utah 8   Final Results- Utah 38 ½, Arizona 33 ½