3 steps to better practice

by Tina Tombs, golf instructor

Three steps to a more efficient practice time can make your tournament scores better. If you have the same pre-shot routine every time you practice, it will help you maintain a consistent rhythm and a comfortable state of mind to retain and use during tournament rounds. Here are a few things that I have found that have helped me and many of my students prepare themselves to compete in their tournaments.

Have a purpose for every shot
Every shot that you hit on the driving range should have a purpose. You should use your pre-shot routine, see the shot shape and target you want to hit at. I recommend that you practice your short game and shots from 70 yards and closer more than half of your practice time, and use your pre-shot routine as often as possible to ease the transition to the golf course.

Have a plan and set goals
Set goals and a plan for your practice time. Work on specific things like grip, posture and alignment. Or work on a specific swing mechanic. When you work on a swing mechanic it is best not to worry about where the ball is going. Hit a few balls (10) with a routine, a few (10) with a mechanical swing thought, and keep switching back and forth.

Staying focused on the task at hand is important for the most positive results and it is the easiest transition to the golf course and playing your best!

Set a time limit
Make your practice time efficient. Especially with heat in the summer, there will be a tendency to mentally and physically exhaust. If you achieve what you want to in a minimal amount of time, give yourself permission to move on to something else. You do not want to tire yourself. Your mind and body need to stay efficient and alert to be effective. Once your job is done congratulate yourself and know that you did your best.