Who\‘s behind the curtain?

ACCESS AZgolf is the brainchild of the Arizona Golf Association. We’ve been in the golf industry since 1923, so we know golf. We also know golf has changed over the years. While the game itself remains the same, the people who play it are vastly different.

We did our research and know that golfers like you don’t want to be members of a club and aren’t interested in keeping a USGA Handicap Index—you just want to enjoy a nice day of golf with your buddies. (And heck, saving money in the process is a big plus, right?)

That’s where we come in. We created ACCESS AZgolf to give you everything you want, without the things you don’t. Cardholders enjoy the perks of deeply discounted tee times (book offline specials) and savings from all sorts of on- and off-line retailers (get stuff). To top it off, with ACCESS you’ll be invited to exclusive events like 18 holes of golf and lunch at a private club you couldn’t play otherwise.