One Week in June:  The U.S. Open

    Leah Eagel
    Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
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The U.S. Open is generally considered the preeminent golf championship in the world.  From decades-old newspaper accounts to first-person memoirs, ONE WEEK IN JUNE:  THE U.S. OPEN (Union Square Press / May 2010/ $19.95) takes fans behind the scenes, giving them a rare and privileged peek into the tournament:  its glorious history, finest moments, and even its quirkiest happenings.
Filled with great putts, heart-stopping comebacks, and dramatic defeats of unforgettable players, ONE WEEK IN JUNE:  THE U.S. OPEN includes:

Some of the nation’s finest courses-from the rolling hills of Winged Foot to the famed fairways of Baltusrol to the stunning holes of Pebble Beach that overlook Carmel Bay
Pieces by many of our best-known sportswriters, from Grantland Rice to Dan Jenkins, Rick Reilly, Dick Schaap, and Jim Murray
Words and memories from some of the golf legends themselves including Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, and Phil Mickelson
A fascinating look at the "U.S. Open Setup" (the meticulous preparation of the courses)
A first-hand recap fro mfan favorite Arnold Palmer, who brings you onto the course with him at Cherry Hills in 1960 where he shot his sixty-five in the round
Tom Callahan’s description of "Tiger Slam" held at Pbble beach in 2000 from the Washington Post

ONE WEEK IN JUNE:  THE U.S. OPEN lets us relive great milestones in the game and ivites us to witness the kind of moments, both touching and hilarious, that could only happen at what Jack Nicklaus ranks as the number one major – a hole-in-one you won’t want to miss!

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