The Driver –

In order to score well on the longer holes, you need a driver that consistently gets you to the fairway.
· Analysis of Your Current Driver(s): We brought two drivers to the session—a 13-degree Big Bertha and a 10.5 Cleveland HiBore. We liked the Big Bertha because it got our drives up in the air with more carry; however, the shaft worked against us and we were consistently right; the HiBore also needed shaft modification.
· Priority: Distance or Accuracy? At this point, the fitter asked us what we wanted out of our driver—distance or accuracy, or both. We wanted accuracy, being more than willing to sacrifice 20 yards for the psychological boost of being on the fairway with a better chance of reaching the green in regulation. So, we focused on hitting target areas.
· Analysis: We hit our regular drivers a few times and the fitter saw plus and minus factors. Positive: 1) solid angle of attack, 2) good swing path, 3) clubface square at impact, 4) Good carry, ie, more than 200 yards. Negative: In both drivers, the shaft was hurting accuracy by sending shots off-line.
· Testing Demos: He then gave us three demos. One, a Titleist, proved to be the best of five drivers, as we consistently drove it straight in a tight dispersion pattern; dispersion meaning our shots were in a tight cluster in our target area.
· Goals: We set two goals for our driving: 1) Increase spin rate by 300 rpms, and 2) achieve higher launches for more carry. In both cases, this meant inserting a new shaft or finding a club like the Titleist and going with that.
· Summary: There are many misconceptions on how to “hit the ball far,” with many people simply trying to “swing harder.” Cool Clubs fitters are able to better explain the key physics behind maximizing distance. They will use their knowledge to find the optimal combination of shaft and clubhead for your unique swing characteristics. In most cases, they will find the lightest shaft you can control (direction), as well as find your optimal launch and spin relationship. This relationship is different for everyone, however, with a higher launch you need a lower spin rate and vice versa.