What Every Golfer Wants

What does every golfer want?
Of course, people play the game of golf for different reasons. Some play for fun, to be with friends, relax or be outdoors. Others like the competitive aspect of the game, have a desire to do their best, compete in tournaments or even play at the professional level.
No matter what your reason for playing the game, the desire to play up to one’s potential and shoot lower scores remains a common thread.
Daniel, a 15 handicap, called me last week because he believes he can play better than his scores indicate and he was frustrated by what he called, “the gap between what I know and what I’m doing” on the golf course.  Daniel, like many golfers I speak with believes that the mechanics of his golf swing are most important. Daniel also told me that he reads a lot of books on golf and that he believes the “psychology” of the game is also very important. “How much of the game is mental?” I asked. “About 70%”, he said. “How much time do you spend developing that 70%?” I asked. “Not that much”, he replied. This gap caused Daniel to experience inconsistency in his game as it does for golfers of any handicap. Of the players I’ve polled, 95% say the “mental game” IS important yet less than 10% of them formally develop it for a number of reasons which I’ve written about in other articles.
“What if I told you the mental game impacted your performance 100% of the time…and I could prove it?” I asked Daniel. “That’s not possible”, he said. “Why not?” I asked. “What about managing the course and mechanics?” he fired back. “Sure those things are important but it all begins within. Do you want the proof?” “Sure” he dared.
“The mental game, as I teach it, is made up of 4 components. They are; the mind, body, emotions and spirit of every player. The great news is; you already have all of these tools at your disposal and you don’t need to go anywhere to find them. Look at it this way. Even the most highly trained and skilled musician cannot make an out-of-tune instrument sound good. You’re playing to play great music on an instrument that’s out of tune. Tune the instrument, know how to play it and it will sound much better!
Now the proof. Every time you put your hands on the golf club…all four elements are ALWAYS in play. You could try to find a time when they’re not in play but you won’t find it. The truth is; there are predictable and undeniable laws by which your mind, emotions and body produce outcomes, the kind of outcomes you experience on the golf course. They have always been doing this and they always will. You have a choice. You can learn what they are and begin to use them to get what you want or you could ignore them. Either way…they’re still operating. When you put them in sync (in tune) they will allow you to produce your best golf. I know you are hooked on mechanics but it all begins within. The laws function for everyone. There are no exceptions.”
So it is with you. Whether you’re a 30 handicap or +3 index, you can set yourself up to play your best more often. Talent alone will take you only so far. How a person uses their INNER GAME tools is what allows the talent to show up more often. No matter what your current skill level or particular outcomes, bringing the INNER GAME back in sync allows you to experience an improved “outer” game. Every golfer I know wants to play their best and lower their scores.    
It all begins within.