Go Team!

Without a doubt, the Club Team Championship is one of the highlights on the Arizona Golf Association’s calendar each year. More than 220 teams tried to qualify for last year’s event at Quintero Golf and Country Club in December. Superstition Mountain Golf Club will host this year’s championship on Tuesday December 9, 2008.
So, hurry up! Pick a partner and qualify through your club for the 11th Annual Club Team Championship. You won’t want to miss it!
The Club Team Championship is exactly what the name implies….it’s open to members of AGA clubs and it’s a team event. Each club can select as many two-person teams as it would like to participate in regional qualifiers. The only stipulation is that both players must be from the same club.
The Championship is a flighted, two-person scramble. The championship flight competes for gross prizes only and plays a golf course that is set up between 6,500 and 6,900 yards. All other flights play between 6,200 to 6,500 yards and compete for both gross and net awards. A super senior flight will be added this year with age, handicaps and yardage restrictions to be determined.
The maximum difference in Handicap Index of the partners is 10 strokes. If club members want to pair up with someone whose handicap difference is greater than that, the higher handicap will be adjusted downward.
The Club Team Championship is limited to 52 teams. In recent years, an average of 200 teams have tried to qualify in one of four regional qualifiers.
Qualifying begins at the club. Each club selects the teams to represent them in the regional qualifiers. They can select as many teams as they choose and use any method they want; however, we recommend they conduct a qualifying tournament at the club using the scramble format.
Regional qualifiers are held at various locations around the state and typically take place in October or November. The number of teams qualifying at each site will be determined proportionately.
Member clubs should contact Ginger Monroy at the AGA office at 602-944-3035, 800-458-8484 or [email protected] To secure a spot in one of the qualifying rounds, clubs must submit their entry fee ($125) along with the Team Information Form to the AGA office no later that September 15, 2008.
The entry fee per team for the qualifying is $125. If a team qualifies, they must be prepared to pay the additional championship fee of $125 at their qualifying site. Since this is a team event and participants are representing their clubs, the Rules of Amateur Status allow the club to pay and entry fees and travel expenses associated with the tournament including both the qualifying and championship.