The RFP Process

The City of Phoenix issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) on January 12, 2007 for interested companies or organizations to put in a bid to privatize the operation of Papago Golf Course.
The RFP called for the resoration/renovation of the golf course and structures and the subsequent operation of the course. According to the RFP, the City was looking for someone to partner with on a long-term basis and to provide programs for the community.
This appeared to be a perfect opportunity for our foundation to fulfill its charter, which includes funding and promoting junior golf and scholarship programs, promoting and assisting state and local governments in the development and operation of low-cost public golf courses for the general public, and performing turf research to improve and benefit the environment.
Also, when we compared the mission and values of the AGA with the mission and values of the City of Phoenix, they were right in line. 



Dedicated to Serving Customers

Dedicated to Serving Golfers

Value and Respect Diversity

Value and Respect Diversity

Work as a Team and Do All We Can

Protect golf’s integrity and traditions

Learn, Change and Improve

Enhance and Expand services to the game

Focus on Results and Customer Satisfaction

Promote opportunities for all who want to play

Work with Integrity

Work with Integrity

Make Phoenix Better

Make Golf Better

As a non-profit organization, our focus is more on providing opportunities for golfers, and working with the communities than it is the bottom line, although the financial pro formas still have to pencil in order to make it a viable operation.
We submitted a response to the RFP on March 9. The City set up a panel of staff members to review the proposals and make a decision based on the best fit between the City and the Proposer. In September we were informed that we had been recommended by the panel to enter into a contract with the City of Phoenix to restore and operate Papago Golf Course.
We are currently in negotiations with the City. As with any RFP, it was a proposal and was done with the best information that we had at the time of presentation. The final agreement may not be the same as the original proposal.
We are excited about this opportunity to bring golf and the community together. Click here to find out more about the partners and programs that we’ll bring to Papago.