Current Conditions at Papago Golf Course

Entry Drive and Walkway to Clubhouse

The entry drive, parking lot, and entrance to golf course have deteriorated in surface condition and need to be upgraded. Also need to consider upgrades to landscaping and lighting.


Pump Station and Irrigation System

The Pump Station and Irrigation System are the original systems installed over 40 years ago and are significantly outdated and inefficient. Because of its age and frequency of breakdowns, it is also responsible for diverting maintenance personnel away from daily and necessary routing tasks.  


Driving Range and Practice Area

The range has lost all of its grass due to poor irrigation system and coverage. The practice putting greens have deteriorated beyond repair, and do not reflect breaks and green conditions on the course.  

Tree Pruning and Removal 
Maintenance on trees has been neglected as a result of a reduction  in resources. Trees either need to be pruned or removed altogether. 
Surface Tree Roots

Tree roots have risen to the surface and are a problem to golfers, maintenance equipment and underground irrigation pipes. 

The bunker floors have raised due to added sand over the years, resulting in a volcano appearance with raised slopes around the outside and much higher floors than originally constructed.  Drainage doesn’t function any longer.
Lagoons and Water Hazards
The lagoons have been filled with silts from surface drainage and airborne dust. Shorelines have settled and caved in and need to be renovated.

 On-Course Restroom

 The on-course restrooms are in need of repair and are currently undersized and inadequate.
Clubhouse and Restaurant

Clubhouse, meeting room and food and beverage areas are in need of improvement.  The current clubhouse is too small, outdated and has no facilities for larger tournament groups.
Cart Barn
Cart storage area needs to be repaired. Several carts are now being stored outside and need to be moved indoors. The current facility is inadequate.