Relationship with the City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix asked for bids from private entities to restore Papago Golf Course.  The AGA proposed a partnership between the City and the AGA to promote, cultivate and maintain golf for the benefit of the City, the State of Arizona and youth. The partnership will provide substantial revenues for the City while, at the same time, establish Papago at the forefront of golf programs for people of all ages through the construction and operation of a state-of-the-art golf facility. This partnership will enable Papago to utilize the expertise, competency and standing in the golf community of the AGA  and its partners (USGA, Arizona Women’s Association, Junior Golf Association of Arizona, The First Tee, USGA/LPGA Junior Girls Golf Club and others) to become a leading public facility promoting the good of golf for residents and youth. This will be a golf facility that all residents of the City and the State will point to with pride.
The City has successfully partnered with non-profits such as the Phoenix Art Museum, Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Children’s Museum. A partnership with the AGA would extend the City’s partnership with nonprofits into the sports field. As the City has experienced with its other partnerships with nonprofits, they have proven to be good stewards of the City’s assets. With an asset like Papago, it is all about stewardship. 
The AGA is a volunteer-based organization in existence as a nonprofit since 1923 dedicated to serving golf throughout Arizona. With the Arizona Women’s Golf Association, we have a constituency of about 95,000 members, representing approximately 700 public and private golf clubs. The AGA conducts more than 60 events throughout  Arizona each year. The “Mission Statements” of the AGA and AWGA reflect their combined acknowledgment of the importance of the sustainability and growth of golf in Arizona. The AGA’s Mission fits closely with the City’s vision for Papago, "To foster the enhancement and expansion of the game of golf by leading in the development of member and information services, the promotion of opportunities for all who want to play, and the protection of the game’s integrity and valued traditions."