Our Team

The AGA, through its contacts throughout the industry, has put together a team of individuals and organizations that are best suited to restore and operate Papago Golf Course. We will hire local PGA and LPGA golf professionals, superintendents, and managers. Several individuals with extensive experience in Arizona golf have been identified.
We’re following the model that has been successfully implemented by several other golf associations throughout the United States, who have put together teams to own and/or manage their own golf courses. Examples of this include Northern California Golf Associaton (Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge), Southern California Golf Association (SCGA Golf Course), Colorado Golf Association (Mira Vista), Oregon Golf Association (OGA Golf Course), Virginia Golf Association (Independence Golf Club). All of these are successful golf course operations that benefit golfers and offer programs for the good of golf and the communities they are in.

Billy Fuller, Restoration Architect
Mr. Fuller’s background includes design consultation and a term as Superintendent-Agronomist for the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the annual Masters Championship. As Augusta National each year renovates multiple greens, restoring them to exacting specifications such that no changes are apparent, Mr. Fuller is the perfect partner and construction supervisor for Papago with Mr. Olson, guaranteeing Papago will be restored as closely as possible to its original character. 

Marvin French, Restoration and Golf Course Operation
Founding Partner, Developer and President of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Courses, Portland Oregon. Pumpkin Ridge is made up of both a private and a public golf course. Pumpkin Ridge has been the host site to 6 USGA National Championships. Mr. French was involved in every aspect of both development and operation of both courses and has a proven track record for success. He has a long history as a golf course consultant throughout the United States, primarily in the public sector.  He will work full time overseeing the restoration, the hiring of personnel and the golf course operation. 

Karl Olson, Agronomy Consultant 
Golf Course Superintendent for Desert Forest Golf Club in Carefree Arizona. He has over thirty years experience in golf course maintenance, classic course restorations, and championship preparation. Mr. Olson is one of the foremost golf agronomists, with extensive experience in renovating classic golf courses. As the Championship Agronomist for the United States Golf Association, Mr. Olson was responsible for the restoration of the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in NY for the 1986 U.S. Open, bringing it to recognition as one of the top ten in the World, as well as preparing 13 USGA Championships for many years. Following the 1986 US Open, Mr. Olson was employed by the National Golf Links in NY. Over fifteen years, he restored one of America’s old classic courses which is now also recognized among the Top Ten in America. (There are currently over 17,000 golf courses in the United States)
Ed Gowan, AGA and AGF Executive Director, Golf Course Consultant
Arizona Golf Association Executive Director since 1985. He is the Former Tournament Director of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) where he managed professional golf tournaments worldwide. Ed has also acted as a golf course consultant for over 30 years, has been a USGA Rules Official since 1981 and served two terms on the Rules of Golf Committee.
Lorraine Thies, Assistant Executive Director AGA and CFO for the AGF
Arizona Golf Association Assistant Executive Director since 1994 and previously held the position of Executive Director of AWGA for three and one-half years. A former CPA with wide financial expertise, she has extensive experience on day-to-day management of the Association along with financial analysis and budgets. She is a Rules of Golf expert, and serves the United States Golf Association on the Handicap Procedures and Course Rating Committees and annually assists in conducting national seminars.

Golf Course Restoration General Contractor – Weitz Golf International

Course Restoration Architect  – William R. Fuller, Inc.

CAD Consultant – John Peterson Golf, LLC.

Golf Course Irrigation Consulting Services – Harvey Mills Design

Irrigations Parts Supplier -Rain Bird Corporation – Golf Division

Golf Clubhouse Architect – Carleton Hart Architecture, P.C. 

Management Team – Golf Guys, LLC.