Two L\‘s for Perfect Practice by Jason Carbone

By Jason Carbone
One of the staple exercises at the Jim McLean Golf School is the L to L drill. The reason this drill is so great is because it can give you perfect feedback about both your clubface and swing path.

From a relaxed address position, swing the club away to chest high (3/4 position). This is your first checkpoint. At this point, your hands should be in a corridor of success that is in front of your right chest. Really the corridor is from your shirt buttons to your right bicep. If your hands are anywhere in that area, they swing away on a descent path.

The second checkpoint at chest high is where the shaft is pointing. If you put a tee in the vent hole of the grip and swing to chest high, the tee should point at the target line or slightly inside it. The tee should never point well outside the target line, nor should it point straight down toward your feet. If you meet the two checkpoints for hands and shaft, your backswing is great.

Now swing forward to chest high on your follow through. Look for the exact same checkpoints as the swing away. If your hands are somewhere between the center of your chest and LEFT bicep (mirror image on forward swing), then your hands probably swung through on a descent path. The most common mistake we see at the school is for the tee to be pointing more toward a student’s feet at this point, rather than the target line. If the tee in the grip is pointed back toward the target line, then you can be certain the clubface was completely released, and there will be very little curve on the ball. If the tee is pointed toward your feet, you will most likely see a slice. If the tee is pointed well to the right of the target line, you will most likely see a hook. 

Practice this drill and I know you will see more consistent ball striking. Look for our section in the next issue to learn and understand how our teaching philosophy has allowed us to be ranked as the #1 golf school in the country.
Editor’s Note: We’ve found this drill is a great way to warm up before playing. It seems to help the player develop a good rhythm and ball contact quite quickly. Give it a try and let us know your results!