Bridging the Gap

By Tyler Kirkendoll
I want to make you a proposition. If you will invest about 10 minutes of time each day for the next 30 days, you can have:

     1. More consistent ball striking
     2. An increase in your average driving distance
     3. Less pain, discomfort and fatigue after you play
Are these benefits worth a total investment of 5 hours over the next 30 days? Only you can answer that. They certainly are for me.
I am going to outline a series of three basic “body locks.” These are static holds that require you to generate tension throughout your center.You should do these every day for the next 30 days. The entire routine takes less than six minutes, so you can squeeze them in nearly anytime.

The key to each of these is tension in your center body. Think of the difference in moving a mattress and moving a box spring. The rigidity of the box spring makes it much easier to manage. These holds begin to train you in creating that rigidity.
Pull your navel in toward your spine and flatten the line between your ribs and your pubic bone. You are attempting to tighten your center much like you would if you were coughing, except that you don’t release the tension.
Do each of these postures once, then cycle through and do all three for a second time. Our goal is to gradually increase the amount of time that you hold each posture. You are ready to progress to a more difficult posture when you can hold each of these for 45 seconds, working through two complete cycles. That may seem nearly impossible in the beginning, but you will be amazed at how quickly your body responds.
If you have been regularly training, these standards may be a bit too easy. You may be ready to progress the posture and increase the degree of difficulty.
Give it an honest 30-day try. Listen to your body and increase the duration as your body responds. You will probably be surprised how quickly you adapt.