April 20-21, 2020

2020 Women’s Four-Ball Championship

Registration for the Women’s Four-Ball Championship at Talking Stick Golf Club is now open. Registration closes on April 15.


April 23-26, 2020

2020 Arizona Stroke Play Championship

Registration for the 2020 Arizona Stroke Play Championship is now open. Registration closes on April 19.


Combined 9-Hole Differential Issue Identified

On April 1st there was an identified data issue within the GHIN system, which produced incorrect handicap assignments. In some instances, a player had a combined 9-hole score entry from 2019 that was still within the player’s most recent 20-score history (differential calculated at 0.0). This issue was resolved April 1, and if any additional discrepancies of a similar nature are present, please contact the AGA staff for further investigation.

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Interested in Buying New Clubs?

Stop by any PGA TOUR Superstore location to work with a PGA TOUR Superstore Certified club fitter and use launch monitor technology to analyze ball-flight characteristics, or to use fitting tools from all of the major manufacturers to get your shot pattern dialed in.

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USGA Announcement on COVID-19

With the onset of cautionary measures being taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, some golf courses have implemented alternative course setup procedures to avoid common contact points. Please click the link below to view the recommended procedures during this period and guidance on the eligibility to post scores to WHS.

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Physician’s Choice CBD

Spanning 15 years in private practice, Dr. J. Julian Grove M.D. and Dr. Peter Kubitz D.O. have experienced first-hand the difficulties and complex dilemmas in treating patients suffering from chronic pain. From a medical management perspective, the treatment of pain is at a crossroads

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Golf Tips Presented by GolfTec

Gain More Distance and Consistent Contact with Straight Arm Drill

GOLFTEC’s VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater compares the elbow bends of a higher handicap to a PGA Tour pro, and gives this Drill for straighter arms and more consistent contact.

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MARCH 6-8. 2020

2020 AGA Championship


Sean O’Donnell – Champion

Pos. Player Total To Par Gross R1 R2 R3 Total Gross
1 Sean O’Donnell -7 70 70 66 206
2 Colwyn Abgrall -6 67 68 72 207
3 Chaz Aurilia -5 68 67 73 208
4 Cole Wilczek -4 67 70 72 209
5 Shankar Natarajan -2 68 71 72 211
T6 Jones Comerford -1 69 68 75 212
T6 Trevor Olkowski -1 73 71 68 212
8 Rusty Brown +1 72 71 71 214
T9 Daniel Sun +2 72 75 68 215
T9 Rylan Johnson +2 76 70 69 215

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