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Are you interested in playing in AGA tournaments? Want to know what's available to you?

Our tournaments are broken into four categories: AGA Tour, AGA Teams, USGA Qualifying and Sanctioned Events. Click the Read More button for a summary of our events and details about teams that represent the AGA.


2015 Tournament Administration and Conduct

OK - So I've enterd an AGA event. How do I get my starting information? What's expected of me once I arrive at the golf course? Is there a code of conduct? What about golf carts? Is there a dress code? This information and more once you click to read more.


Players Cup Points

There are two points lists for 2014: one to determine who is eligible to participate on AGA teams such as the Goldwater Cup, Arizona-Utah Shootout and the Southwest Team and the other to accumulate for the end of year Players Cup tournament. In order to qualify for teams, players must be a member of the Tournament Players Association as of April 1, 2014.


2015 Tournament Player’s Association

The Tournament Players Association (TPA) provides discounted entry fees into AGA tournaments and allows members to accrue points toward Players Cup. Being a TPA member also makes a person eligible qualify to participate on select AGA teams like USGA State Team Championship, Arizona-Utah Shootout and Goldwater Cup.


Charity Events

The Arizona Golf Association is happy to help spread the word about charity golf events held in Arizona.


2015 Player Eligibility and Entry Guidelines

How do I enter an event? Am I eligible? What are the handicap requirements? My plans have changed - how do I withdraw? These and other questions about entering and withdrawing from events are answered.


2015 Pace of Play Policy

The AGA utilizes a checkpoint policy to monitor Pace of Play during most events. It is our goal to maintain a reasonable pace so players feel that they are not spending their entire day on the golf course. Most AGA events utilize starting times. We use double tee starts when appropriate. The method of starting is outlined on the tournament detail page for each event. This section outlines our Pace Policy.


2014 Team Events

The AGA supports several Team Competitions and selects players for certain Invitational events. Among them are the Arizona/Utah Shootout, the Bob Goldwater Cup, the Southwest Team Challenge, USGA State Team Championship, and the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship.


Annual Player Award Criteria

The AGA rewards excellence by presenting awards to the top performers in each of the tournament categories. The Player of the Year is presented to the top performer in AGA Open tournaments and championship, as well as in each of the divisions. The Mayfair Award is presented to the player with the lowest stroke average.